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  1. Andy Mann

    NSW Ex-partner Repeatedly Threatening to Contact My Girlfriend - Restraining Order?

    Morning everyone, let me explain. My ex lives approx. 2 hours away from me and we have been co-parenting as per a private legal agreement. I have 2 children, 13 & 11 years old and she has her own older son who is 25 years of age. I was caring for the kids at our house which I've agreed to give...
  2. M

    NSW Bringing Action against NSW Family and Community Services

    I looked after two boys until they reached ages of maturity and are no longer with my care. The NSW Family and Community Services (or as it was then known, the Department of Community Services) refused to have one of the boys checked for Aspergers Syndrome. I should have received a larger...
  3. T

    VIC Relocation of Child with Aspergers from VIC to WA

    I have care of my child and see him every week, 35% care. My ex-wife has relocated to WA all of his family live in the local area. The reason she has moved is her husband has a new job in WA for past 6 months. I have had full- time care in VIC with the Family Law Court orders prevailing when...
  4. W

    QLD Son with Aspergers Questioned over Touching Child

    My son who is 15 is being questioned over touching a young child. He has admitted to me that he did this as he was curious. The investigating police officer is telling me that if my son confesses, there will be no charges or court. He will just do a conference thing? Should I trust this or...