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    VIC Death Benefit Paid to Beneficiary Who Died 3 Weeks Later?

    My parents have passed away recently within 20 days of each other. My mother was a member of a APRA retail superannuation fund in pension phase with no insurance attached (over 70yrs). The death benefit was the accumulated balance in the fund. My father was her dependent beneficiary at her...
  2. B

    WA Do I Need APRA Licence to Play YouTube Music?

    I plan to open a takeaway shop. Do I need APRA or PPCA licence for playing Youtube music? What about Netfilx or other paid movie stream-line contents service?
  3. M

    APRA and Agreement Clause of Original Song?

    Hi, I have an original song that has been shortlisted by a client for a possible sync licensing deal. I wrote, performed and paid for the recording in question and so own the masters. And I am self-published so the publishing is under 'Control'. I am a member of APRA so all back end royalties...