VIC Modifying a Software to Make Profit - Intellectual Property Law Infringement?

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23 June 2015
Hi, I am a high degree of research student in Australia. I signed a document with a research organisation so that they can provide me a scholarship and the IP of my work during the study belong to them. During the study, I built a software system. I think the IP of this software system belongs to the research organisation. Now I want to modify the software system, including the interface and core techniques, and build a start up company based on this software. Do I infringe on the intellectual property of the research organisation under intellectual property law? Thank you.


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11 July 2014
Hi there

You say that you would like to ''modify the software system, including the interface and core techniques'' to get your start up going.

As a first step, you may like to review your documents, including any contracts (which probably are not drafted very much in your favour, sorry!), with the funding research organisation, especially IP clauses which may persist after the scholarship and work has ended.

A lot will likely depend on what exactly you are doing with the software, and how original it is. However, tread very, very carefully indeed, as this is a tricky area where the devil lies in the detail.

Let us know how it goes.