QLD Copyright Concern Over Guitar Named after DC Comic Hero?

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2 July 2015
Near Warwick/Toowoomba, Qld.
Hi there, I have been making a guitar that is white and would like to know if I sell it a) in Australia or b) Overseas, do I need to change the name from "White Lantern" to something else generic? FYI, the White Lantern is from DC Comic Books. Think, the Green Lantern, but white.

This guitar is in a white colour that has a wavelength of 591nm and AFAIK. This is not copyright (eg: Cadburys Chocolates and the colour purple) and it's already too late to change the colour. It bears no resemblance to DC's White Lantern, nor does it have any markings to suggest DC's White Lantern is in anyway involved with or has a commercial relationship with this guitar. It's just what I have called it. I hope this is enough information.

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
It would not be copyright, but may be a trademark infringement. Check whether DC Comic Books or whomever owns them, have the name "White Lantern" trademarked. If so, what is the scope of this. Trademarks depend on the country it is trademarked in. Therefore, check for Australia and every country you wish to sell/ship to.
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