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  1. R

    WA VRO with no specified expiry

    Hi x -partner has always been emotionally & financially abusive. He sought VRO order against myself May 2019 making false accusations & claims to Magistrate. Terms of ther Order; Behave in an intimidatory, offensive or abusive manner. Must not be in possession of a firearm. He consistency...
  2. J

    QLD Request visitation with father

    My baby daddy doesn’t want to have contact with the child. He’s a fully functional human being that poses no threat or harm to the child. Can I get a court order against my kid’s father that makes him see him once a month or so? I hate to think my kid will never have a dad cause he’s a bit selfish
  3. L

    VIC Power of an apellant court to interfere with finding of facts by a lower court

    Can an appellant court reject the finding of facts by a lower court judge? A lower court made two alternate findings (A and B) in a civil case. Can the appellant court has the power to say that one finding of facts applied to the finding of A can't be applied to B because these two are...
  4. T

    NSW right of carriageway

    I share my drive way with my neighbour for about 10 years but has been hard on us since he does not follow the terms of the right of carriageway. He can build a driveway to get in his garage but he prefer not to and keep his car parked on the driveway because I have another driveway. I can't ask...
  5. J

    NSW Default judgement with multiple defendants

    If you are given default judgement with multiple (3) defendants for a single sum as assessed, (i.e. not a specific debt for each defendent) how do you go about deciding how it should be split? Can you just enforce against whichever defendant you wish? Do you have to split it three ways? How...
  6. P

    WA Charge 2yrs late for defamation, stalking and harrassment

    Can I still charge someone with stalking, defamation if over 2 years as I have just got my courage up, I got anxiety after all this even after I changed my telephone numbers etc, this woman lives in QLD. I did make a cyber report and currently working through evidence as there is quite a lot of...
  7. M

    WA Total confusion with late Response to Initiating Application and supporting Affidavit

    I applied for Final Custody for my son in December 2020 after Mother surrendered him to me Feb 2020. What I didn't know was that she had filed a Recovery Order in late February 2020 that the Magistrate threw out because she surrendered him. Initial hearing was March 2021 and I was granted...
  8. J

    VIC Property settlement and primary carer considerations with abusive husband. DHHS/ family violence intervention order

    I have a Family Violence Intervention Order against me at present, which means I can’t see my children, who are living with their father, from whom I am separated ( not divorced as it hasn’t been twelve months). In regards to property settlement, what is the likelihood of the court giving my...
  9. F

    How to Transfer Shares into Estate

    Mother died leaving a substantial amount in largely cash-based ETFs. Probate has been granted to one of two beneficiaries and now trying to transfer the holdings into the estate. Advice from the manager's registry is they will do redemption and repurchase which will be a capital gains event. I...
  10. H

    WA Can I become a lawyer with a criminal record

    I'm now 60 yrs old and have led a clean life for over 20 yrs. I have some old convictions for dishonesty ie stealing and false pretences. They were all very minor offences and the penalty's resulted in iether small fines or one period of 12 months good behaviour. I have held very responsible...