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The Transfers of Undertakings Directive 2001/23/EC is a European Union law that protects the contracts of employment of people working in businesses that are transferred between owners. It replaced and updated the law previously known as the Acquired Rights Directive 77/187/EC.

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  1. Q

    Undertaking for visitation - how strong is this document?

    I’m looking for a bit of advice please people! So the father of my 4 yo child is having our child over the Xmas break, after not seeing the child since February (now 10 months) .... he’s never really been involved in her life however has had times over the past 4 years that he has had her for...
  2. J

    VIC Court undertaking and prohibited persons.

    I have a FVIO application against me with some false historic claims and seeking very limited conditions, the police advised my firearm ownership is the only reason they even applied as they have a policy of always applying when any complaint is made and the person owns guns also no interim...
  3. G

    WA Sponsorship undertaking / Partner Visa 820

    Hello! My name is George and I'm self employed run my own business online. I am permanent resident since June 2015. I would like to sponsor my German wife. I am in a situation where I reinvest in new inventory because I want to grow faster. I never received any payment from the government. I...