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Stormwater, also spelled storm water, is water that originates from rain, including snow and ice melt. Stormwater can soak into the soil (infiltrate), be stored on the land surface in ponds and puddles, evaporate, or runoff. Most runoff is conveyed directly to nearby streams, rivers, or other water bodies (surface water) without treatment.
In natural landscapes, such as forests, soil absorbs much of the stormwater. Plants also reduce stormwater by improving infiltration, intercepting precipitation as it falls, and by taking up water through their roots. In developed environments, unmanaged stormwater can create two major issues: one related to the volume and timing of runoff (flooding) and the other related to potential contaminants the water is carrying (water pollution).
Stormwater is also an important resource as human population and demand for water grow, particularly in arid and drought-prone climates. Stormwater harvesting techniques and purification could potentially make some urban environments self-sustaining in terms of water.

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  1. K

    NSW Broken stormwater pipes next door , water seeping into my property , neighbour will not fix

    My adjoining neighbour, whose property sits slightly higher than mine, has an old terracotta stormwater pipe collecting water from their roof that has multiple cracks and leaks in it. This runs along and close to our common boundary under a concrete path on their side. There is a brick...
  2. E

    NSW New neighbour wants to move gutters. They'll be inaccessible to him - am I setting up an implied easement if I agree?

    Hi, We live in an old house with a small garden in an old, built up area. We have a new neighbour on the north, uphill side. The south wall of this house sits right on the boundary of our property, from front to back, and all the gutters run along the top of this wall. The gutters fall to the...
  3. O

    QLD Stormwater pipe, easement question

    Hi guys, We have a large pit in our yard that has been flooding during heavy rain. Tracked down the original plans for the house and there is a 225 pipe that runs along my fence line down to the stormwater pit in the street. The pipe is directing the roofwater from 5 properties behind my house...
  4. D

    Stormwater easement

    Cousin bought a block of land In order to build he needs to connect to council stormwater easement which is on a neighbour's land. Connect via an utility easement. Neighbour clearly stated that he won't allow this to happen. Cousin has the utility company permission but utility company say he...
  5. L

    QLD redirection of stormwater runoff by new neighbours

    Good morning, Thank you very much for the opportunity to put this issue to your attention. Our new neighbours are blocking the natural flow of stormwater coming from our property at the border between our properties and are redirecting at back, threatening to wash away our road base driveway...
  6. G

    NSW stormwater runoff from council property

    We have changed the use of part of our property.The local council has directed road stormwater runoff to our property when the subdivision was done. We changed the usage due to the erosion caused to our property and the access to this area by the water runoff. We are on acreage. We now want them...
  7. P

    NSW Stormwater inundating my backyard from neighbours property - easement question

    I have a rear neighbour whose yard is higher than mine. His yard slopes down towards the back fence. The street is also higher, so his stormwater (and all 14 neighbours next to him, are "higher" than me) but lower than their front street, so their stormwaters connect to a pipe in their backyard...
  8. A

    TAS Permission for stormwater access

    Please can someone advise me. The block I bought was subdivided two years ago. On the planning docs it is tickedt off as having access to a reticulated stormwater point as per regulations. It does not. The stormwater connection is 10m away on an easement be on neighbour's land. It is not...