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STart was a spin-off computer magazine from Antic magazine. While Antic focused on the Atari 8-bit family, STart covered the Atari ST computer line. The magazine lasted 42 issues, from Summer 1986 to April/May 1991, outliving its parent. It originally started from Atari ST specific sections in Antic, later becoming a separate monthly publication in 1986. Each issue included a 3.5-inch cover disk.
Its main rivals were ST-Log, which spun out of ANALOG Computing and Compute!'s ST Magazine. Both of these also included a cover disk, and STart outlived both of them.

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  1. J

    VIC When does DVO start?

    HI everyone, Could someone please explain to me if I apply for 12 month DVO,but my first hearing is adjourned for 8 months later and respondent wants to contest,(interim order in place),and contested hearing is 18 months after initial application(interim order still in place).If judge grants...
  2. H

    QLD Someone please help. Don't know where to start - property settlement

    Hi and thanks in advance. I was in a relationship for eight years, me ex partner and I, had 3 young children (the youngest is 1) and purchased a house 5 years ago, he worked while I looked after our business and children. We purchased a house about 5yrs ago. There was alot of dv done to me...
  3. G

    VIC Units

    Hi, starting my associate in Law, wondering what is a good text book or a good start to the unit Australian Legal system? Thanks in advance
  4. C

    WA what date does building contract start ?

    Hi the new homebuilder federal grant requires that "contract entered into from the 4th June" as does the WA state grant. My query is we signed plans and specifications to build a house on the 2nd June builder signed these on the 3rd June We signed a 26 page "Home Building contract ACT 1991 -...
  5. kateclements

    Start up business, copyright/trademark name

    I am starting my own small business online selling womens clothing. I want to make sure I will not get sued for using the name, I have not registered it yet as I was hoping to get an answer first. I will use the following as an example - I want to call my brand F#t Emily, but there is already a...
  6. M

    QLD Contract start date for job keeper

    I am a full time employee currently stood down without pay. I was offered and accepted this full time roll on the 14th Feb and employment contacts finalised the same day. Payroll number and training login issued on 21st Feb. Online training started on 27th Feb - online logs available. 1st day in...
  7. DailyWebClicks

    WA Start of Bankruptcy while enforcement hearing date is looming

    I have a enforcement hearing due in 11 days, I am looking to declaring bankrupt as I am concerned about this hearing. If I manage to be appointed trustee and start bankruptcy before court date which will be tight window. Will I still have to go to this enforcement hearing? I am concerned about...
  8. ChellG

    NSW 12 year old left to live with dad

    Yesterday my almost 12 year old daughter and my 9 year old son were meant to be returned to me before there dad left to move 10hours away on the northern NSW boarder. It was my to be that start of the week that kids were going to be living with me 80% of the time due to his move that we had both...