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    NSW Known Sperm Donor Rights. Mothers illicit drug and alcohol use.

    As a sperm donor I'm not sure what legal rights I will have in this situation? I'm about to seek formal legal advice. I am a known sperm donor, a baby is due in later this year, I met the mum-to-be on a co-parenting website. No formal legal agreement has been signed or agreed to yet. Prior to...
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    SA Family Law - Parentage of Daughter?

    This query isn't the common one that's brought up with spermjacking. I was in a relationship with my now ex-wife. Her former female partner is now claiming I have no rights to raise our daughter because I was "a ride on sperm donor" for them and they were in a secret relationship behind my back...
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    QLD Custody of Children After Mother's Death

    I have a toddler with my ex, and am having another baby via sperm donor. We live with my parents and I'm about to do my will so that they have control of my life insurance and also preference of guardianship for my kids. My question is, being that it's a sperm donor that's the second child's...
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    SA How to Get a Legal Agreement with Sperm Donor?

    Hi there, my question today is, my partner and I are planning on using a sperm donor to conceive a child and from all that I have read, the Family Relationships Act already covers the part where donor relinquishes parental rights to my partner and I, being the intended parents, therefore having...