sale of goods act

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  1. sammie_t

    NSW What happens if you exclude Sale of Goods Act in a contract?

    I have a problem question to do and in the contract, the seller includes the term: 'The purchaser agrees that the Sale of Goods Act 1923 (NSW) does not apply to this transaction.' Is this allowed, and if so, if they have breached terms under this act, do they get penalised at all? The buyer...
  2. E

    VIC Won Car at Auction - Sale was Cancelled but No Refund

    The vehicle was put up for auction on lane 3 and on 16th September 2015 I put up a bid and won. I subsequently paid for the car in full on the same day. On collection of the car the same day, it broke down and was towed to my mechanic's shop at Northern Auto-Tech Repairs Pty Ltd. The mechanic...
  3. P

    NSW Sale of Goods Act - A Reasonable Time to Wait?

    I have read that "... services will be provided within a reasonable time" is a consumer guarantee. Does this reflect the Sale of Goods Act? I bought a chair that is customised with a woolen upholstery. NZ wool and a light blue - nothing I would have thought it difficult to come by or to fit...