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    NSW Joint Tenants - Trustee and Guardian Want to Sell the Home?

    Hi, My mum and I are joint tenants and owners of a property which we were both living in until she went into a nursing home 2 years ago. Her financial affairs have been taken over by the trustee and guardian (without my knowledge) and the T&G now wants to sell the house. I need help on...
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    Reverse Mortgage - Rights to Sell Property Bought before Marriage?

    Hello, I am hoping that someone may be able to help. My Mother-in-Law (MIL) owned her house (in Melbourne) outright before remarrying. Her 2nd husband came to the marriage with nothing and it has been quite apparent that he has also contributed very little to the day to day bills since then...
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    NSW Reverse Mortgage Issues with Parents' Lawyer

    My parents have a reverse mortgage. My husband & I would like to take out a mortgage to pay it off as it has already doubled in 10 years. We live with my parents and I have an interest in the property although not noted on their title, my parents want to transfer a 1/3 share to us so that we...