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A parking violation is the act of parking a motor vehicle in a restricted place or for parking in an unauthorized manner. It is against the law virtually everywhere to park a vehicle in the middle of a highway or road; parking on one or both sides of a road, however, is commonly permitted. However, restrictions apply to such parking, and may result in an offense being committed. Such offenses are usually cited by a police officer or other government official in the form of a traffic ticket.

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  1. D

    QLD Private parking fines

    I recently receive a parking fines for parking in a private car park at a shopping center for $77 I decided I would ignore it. I have since received in the mail a statement for this fine with an extra charge of $50 for not paying within 7 days. My question is, do I have to pay this, and how...
  2. Azza2772

    VIC Is Friend Able to Contest Parking Fines?

    Hi all A friend has received a parking fine (legitimately parked in a no standing zone and doesn't contest that) but the make of the vehicle on her parking fines do not match that of her vehicle. The car registration number does though. It is in the City of Boroondara council district. Just...
  3. G

    NSW Disputing Parking Fines - What to Do?

    Today I helped a recently disabled friend by driving them to a doctors appontment. My friend is on crutches and unable to drive or move far without pain and fatigue. We parked in a disabled space in a shopping centre car park, thinking this was the appropriate thing to do in light of her...
  4. G

    WA Clarification of Parking Fines?

    Hi, Info re parking breaches state the company would need a Magistrates court order to get personal details to enforce the parking fines. What about "the vehicle will be placed on a immobilisation list and may be clamped until the notice has been paid"? "In addition court proceedings may be...
  5. B

    NSW Should We Pay Overcharged Parking Fines?

    Hi there, From overseas but living in Sydney. I went to Byearon for Christmas and got issued a penalty with the offence code 9325 (fail to comply with terms of notice erected by council) in the morning as me and my girlfriend were resting in the car because we didn't want to drive back drunk...
  6. D

    QLD Parking Fines at Car Park - Legal Under Traffic Law?

    So as a staff member of Sunshine Coast Plaza, the other day I received a parking 'fee' from Pripark. Keep in mind that the parking lots aren't boom gate operated, or display tickets, just a 6h limit. Staff have been told (and only verbally, no signage on the car parks) that they need to park in...
  7. Sam Potts

    NSW Disputing Parking Fines with GPS Evidence?

    Hi, I was issued a parking ticket by the local council recently for overstaying allocated time (a 2P). The ticket stated I had arrived at the space at 10:14am and was given a ticket at 1:20pm. At 10:14am, I was actually at home, working and the car was in the garage. I arrived at the spot at...
  8. H

    SA Issued Parking Fines by Council - Legal?

    I received an expiation notice from the council while on private property. Can they do this? Also they fined me for exceeding the time limit parking fines where no limit was shown. Then they sent a reminder notice with a reminder fee that exceeds the expiation fee. i.e. $50 fine plus $60...
  9. M

    NSW Can We Plead Leniency from Consecutive Parking Fines?

    Hi all, So we've recently moved into an area (not that it's a real excuse) and we accidentally parked in a no-stopping zone at the beginning of last week. We each catch the bus to work each day and the car was left there for 3 days before we used it again on Wednesday night. Unfortunately for...
  10. M

    QLD Legal to Get Parking Fines Only a Minute Apart?

    Is it legal to give someone 2 parking fines for the same thing, only a minute apart?