noise pollution

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  1. H

    Noisy Neighbours in Sydney Apartment Block

    I live in an apartment in Sydney (owner occupier) and generally its pretty peaceful at night. There seem to be some new people who moved into an apartment on my floor last week (not sure if they’re tenants or owners) and they’re making a lot of noise late into the night. I haven’t been able to...
  2. Sophie N

    Noise Pollution - Trucks in Adjoining Property?

    We live in a residential area but have an adjoining property that rents out to a business that keeps large earth moving equipment. We are regularly being disturbed by loud beeping from reverse alarms and airbrakes etc after 8pm at night and before 5am in the morning. What are the council...
  3. S

    What to Do with Problem Neighbours under Property Law?

    There has been a long tension between my family, and our neighbours. They have 2 very loud dogs, and foul mouthed owners. They have just build a very tacky makeshift corrugated iron extension on top of our existing wood paling fence. It is an absolute eye sore. Is there any legal options for us...