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    VIC Slipped at McDonalds

    I was at a McDonald’s in geelong when I was taking my 4 year old to the toilet and I slipped on an extremely wet (almost slimy) floor. I didn’t hit the ground, I did a kind of splits and rolled one of my ankles. I instantly knew I’d hurt myself and pulled muscles and rolling my ankle I had...
  2. K

    NSW Employment Law - Can Employer Force Us to Hand Over Phones?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions i'm unsure of. I'm 17 and a Part-time Crew Trainer at McDonalds and we recently got a new restaurant manager. He victimises me about the new "store policy" which isn't in our enterprise agreement, and fails to ask anyone else, as the other crew don't adhere to...
  3. C

    VIC Fall on Wet Floor at McDonald's Gisborne Causing Injury

    Recently I had a pretty hard fall at Gisborne McDonald's because the guy that was mopping didn't have the wet floor signs up. They will have it all on camera. I've busted up my elbow and have a pretty bruised right upper thigh. I just wanted to know what Legal action I can take for personal...