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The Hyundai Elantra (Korean: 현대 엘란트라) or Hyundai Avante (Korean: 현대 아반떼), is a compact car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 1990. The Elantra was initially marketed as the Lantra in Australia and some European markets. In Australia, this was due to the similarly named Mitsubishi Magna Elante model; similarly, in Europe, the name was changed to avoid confusion with Lotus Elan. The name was standardized as "Elantra" worldwide in 2001 (except in South Korea).

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  1. L

    VIC Who should get refund of LPI premium after early payout of loan - me or the bank?

    On 9 Oct 2018, I paid Bank of Melbourne the payout figure for my 7-year car loan 1.5 years after first taking out the loan. I only recently realised, after going through my car loan documents, that I had actually paid for Loan Protection Insurance, an amount that had been included in my car...
  2. danielle81

    NSW Abandoned House Laws in NSW?

    Hi Was wanting as much info as possible in regards to abandoned houses in NSW. Have done a few searches on the LPI.GOV site to find title holders details, and it returned a business name a (solicitors).? The most recent certificate of title, says STATUS-NOT IN LPI, DELIVERY DATE-...