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The Women's Legal Service NSW (WLS NSW) formerly the Women's Legal Resource Centre, is an independent, non-aligned, non-profit organisation funded by the Australian Commonwealth and State Governments. It is part of the Community Legal Centre Network. WLS NSW promotes access to justice, particularly for women who are disadvantaged by their social or economic circumstances.

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  1. L

    NSW Access to Subpoenaed Records

    Currently have a family law case proceeding through the Court, with various subpoenaed documents having now been received and held at the Court. The Judge has granted both parties view access to the documents. Although, access to the a child’s educational records has been withheld from both...
  2. B

    NSW Minor Wants to Stop Seeing Father - Get Legal Aid NSW?

    A young girl who turns 13 in January no longer wants anything to do with her father. She normally spends every second weekend with him and half of all school holidays. She is terrified of him. This week he tried to snatch her from school. She is extremely distressed. Her mother has always...
  3. T

    NSW Earning Threshold for Legal Aid NSW?

    Hi there, can anyone advise what the earning threshold is for legal aid NSW? My Girlfriend is a single mother of two girls, 6 & 10, and her ex doesn't pay any maintenance (child support) at all so she wants to apply for and obtain legal aid. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. ForATime

    NSW Wife Doesn't Qualify for Legal Aid NSW - What to Do?

    Wife doesn't have a family lawyer due to funds. She doesn't qualify for legal aid due to assets being more than the legal aid NSW threshold. She also doesn't agree with the parenting plan (custody of children) etc. How to move forward?
  5. B

    NSW Divorce and Ex's Superannuation - Get Legal Aid NSW?

    Does legal aid NSW fund someone to help them get a share in their ex's superannuation after a divorce?