NSW Divorce and Ex's Superannuation - Get Legal Aid NSW?

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16 March 2015
Does legal aid NSW fund someone to help them get a share in their ex's superannuation after a divorce?


Hi Becc,

Legal aid is available to those who qualify, for family dispute resolution (FDR) to resolve Property settlement matters following the break down of a relationship including issues relating to superannuation.

In order to qualify you must meet the Means Test, a Merit tests (which determines whether you have prospects of succeeding in your matter) and the availability of funds test (a test determining whether Legal Aid has sufficient funds to assist you).

Legal Aid must also be satisfied that your dispute relates to property or funds, and that
  • you are an appropriate candidate for family dispute resolution;
  • the property or funds you are seeking are worth more than $20,0000; and
  • your separation from your partner is final.
You can find more info from Legal Aid NSW here:

5.6. Property settlement matters - after marriage or de facto relationship breakdown - Legal Aid NSW