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Desertion is the abandonment of a military duty or post without permission (a pass, liberty or leave) and is done with the intention of not returning. This contrasts with unauthorized absence (UA) or absence without leave (AWOL ), which are temporary forms of absence.

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    SA Unfair treatment for leaves

    Hi all, A bit of a long post, but required to provide you with context: A few weeks ago, I approached my manager to request for 3 months unpaid leave to complete a few courses(not related to my job role). My manager reviewed the company leave policy, spoke to higher level management and our...
  2. M

    QLD Forced Demotion - Help with Dealing with HR and Employment Contract?

    Hi there, I am currently employed by a large government organisation that comprises of multi sites within a district. I went on stress leave using my sickness or health insurance from a management position due to bullying and mental fatigue in June of 2017. In October of 2017, I was cleared by...
  3. E

    VIC Parental Leave Entitlements After a Period of Unpaid Leave?

    Hello all. I am looking to find out if I am entitled to parental leave with my employer. I started in a permanent full-time position in October 2014 and worked continuously till July 2018. At this time, I was granted 6 months leave without pay to work for a different employer (in a relevant...
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    WA On Leave without Pay Due to New Work Regulations - Legal?

    I am employed as a train driver with an American operating company called Watco WA Rail. I have recently been placed on leave without pay due to new standards which pertain to the National Regulations for Category 1 Rail Workers Medical requirements. The new National Standards have now...
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    Leave Without Pay - How Much Can I Take?

    What is the maximum limit under employment law I can take in terms of leave without pay, once all other leave has been used? I have given my employer all doctor's certificates showing I am sole carer for my husband currently battling cancer. I do wish to return to work once he is able to look...