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Lawyer jokes, which pre-date Shakespeare's era, are commonly told by those outside the profession as an expression of contempt, scorn and derision. They serve as a form of social commentary or satire reflecting the cultural perception of lawyers.

The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers

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  1. T

    Comedy Web Series about Lawyer

    Hi all! Letting you know about the new comedy web series, "Baby, It's Just Business". It's about a masculine female lawyer who wants to have a baby. Oh, and she carries a really big gun! Check it out and share: Thanks!
  2. S

    ACT Law Society Committee Speech?

    Hey guys... This is probably a dumb question, but can anyone help me by explaining what it means to give a "positioning statement"? I have to give one to my universities law society as I have applied to be apart of the committee. If you can please tell me (what it is) as well as what I should...
  3. John R

    Lawyer Jokes for Easter

    Happy Easter everyone! Has anyone got a good lawyer joke for Easter? Here's one I found earlier: You’re sitting at a table with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and an honest lawyer and there is $5,000 on the table, who would get the $5,000? You would, the other three are fictitious characters.