VIC Major delays in land titling

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Umair Syed

27 October 2019
Hi guys. I and my family is in alot of stress since we have been misguided by our builders. Basically we booked a land and home package 2 years back by paying 5% deposit which was almost $20k AUD. Since then we have been repeatedly told that the land will be titled in next 3 months rolling but it hasnt yet been titled yet. We sold alot of our belongings to gather the deposit and i didnt have a highly paid job so i had to work very hard. The contract doesnt mention anything about this situation when land is not titled for two years but my friends told me that legally i am eligible to cancel the contract after 2 years. I have been wasting money paying the rent even after payment of deposit 2 years back. Please provide me guidance as i cant afford hiring a lawyer.