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    QLD Documents Certified at Justice of the Peace?

    Justice of the Peace - can 3rd party get documents certified at Justice of the Peace? Can my husband get my ID documents certified at a JP or do I have to personally be present at the Justice of the peace to have my documents certified? If my husband is allowed to get my documents certified...
  2. B

    'Housewife' Instead of 'Retired' Classification in Will

    Hi. My elderly mother who is retired and widowed and lives in her own home, has just had her Will signed by two JP's (justice of the peace), however I now note that instead of "Retired" her status says "Housewife". Is this acceptable in her situation? Thank you.
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    WA Selling House - Sign Sales Agreement with Married or Maiden Name?

    Hi, I am selling my house and need to sign sales agreement and need these verified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or the like. Problem is I bought this house under my married name, and now I am divorced and have gone back to my maiden name so my identification all shows my maiden name. Do I sign...