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  1. T

    VIC Caveat (gift or loan?)

    Hi, My relatives gifted me money 2 years ago. I bought a property, the title in my name. Now they want the money back. In fact, they obtained caveat on my property and counselling with lawyers at the moment go to Supreme Court. No written or verbal agreement has been made between us, no...
  2. xxshellsxx

    SA Executor of Will Sold Inheritance Without Consent - Options?

    Hello. My father died in September 2012. In his Last Will and Testament, my father left the rest of his estate (residuary estate) to both my brother and myself equally. My dad appointed his daughter, from a relationship prior to marrying my mother (related by genetics only really as my Dad's...
  3. E

    NSW How Do I Get My Son Back Under Family Law?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. As it's a public holiday weekend, I'm unable to seek legal advice/ start action until tomorrow and I'm hoping that some members here who have been through similar circumstances can help with information until then. Background: My 8-year-old son is on a contact...
  4. F

    VIC Zapped While at Shopping Centre - What to Do?

    I'm in need of a little help on this topic before I move forward with anything. The scenario took place on Friday night 23rd December at my local shopping centre in Melbourne. I was walking back to my car after having brought some gifts, and out of nowhere, my body is thrown into spasms and a...
  5. D

    QLD Debt - Repay Money That was Gifted to Me?

    My ex gave me 14K in the time we were together to pay off some debts. Now we've broken up, he's threatening to sue me if I don't give the money back. I never signed anything and at the time took it because I thought we had a future together and eventually would share the same bank account...
  6. S

    ACT Money as Gift - Now a Debt?

    I was working as a contractor for the American Government in the Central Pacific and met and fell in love with an Australian who was also there. He asked me to join him in Australia. I relocated to Canberra in Jan 2008 to live with him. I resigned from my job after 35 years of overseas...
  7. B

    VIC How will Payment from Civil Case Reflect on Tax Return?

    My son is suing someone for damages and settlement is happening soon. Officially, he is the wounded party but we've agreed that if possible, we'll split the proceeds (between my wife and I, and our other son, who all were damaged by the accused's actions). I'm wondering how the payment will be...
  8. S

    WA Going to District Court - Send Another Letter of Demand?

    I lent money to a friend in a series of instalments. I did not request loan documents as his ship was aways coming in the next day. Over the course of the last 18 months, I have two loan documents. The first was produced by him which acknowledged the initial loan amounts about 16 months ago...
  9. L

    NSW Can Ex Ask for His Gifts Back Under Property Law?

    Good morning, I had a relationship with a man, he bought me an engagement ring. Then I had to come back home, almost 16000km far away from Australia and as a Christmas present, I received a necklace. Unfortunately, now we are not together and he asked me for the presents back or their value...
  10. R

    VIC Australian Law on Free Car Wash as Gifts?

    Hello All. In Local Government Law, is a Free Car Wash (one provided free by the dealer when the vehicle is serviced) a ‘gift’? If so, does it make a difference if the vehicle is one used by Council staff on a “full private use” basis, “commuter use” basis, “council owned pool car” basis or the...