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  1. burntcherub

    NSW Employer Denying I Worked for Them - Recourse?

    Hello, I was sexually harassed and bullied in the workplace and left in 2017. Since then I haven’t been fit for work, written off by health care providers and I’m eligible for salary continuance insurance. At the moment, I have a mental health plan and along with a pending salary continuance...
  2. D

    NSW Fit For Work Policy - Suspension Without Pay?

    Hi, I have been impacted by my employer’s Fit For Work Policy. Being stood down without pay for 5 days, waiting on the results of a drug test (see below – Failed FFW Test Stand Down Notice). I would like help on this matter as under common law an employer cannot suspend an employee without...
  3. T

    QLD Employment Law - Are We Entitled Overtime Pay?

    Part of my job requirements is to turn up on site "fit for work", i.e.- be hydrated, well rested, in good physical and mental health and free from the influence of drugs/alcohol. Pretty standard stuff. I work in an extremely hot environment doing physical labour. Last week, another bloke went...