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For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) is an international youth organization that operates the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Lego League Jr., FIRST LEGO League Jr. Discovery Edition, and FIRST Tech Challenge competitions.
Founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers in 1989, its expressed goal is to develop ways to inspire students in engineering and technology fields. Its philosophy is expressed by the organization as coopertition and gracious professionalism.
FIRST also operates FIRST Place, a research facility at FIRST headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, where it holds educational programs and day camps for students and teachers.

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  1. S

    VIC First Offence DUI high range

    Hi Everyone, I'm a P plater who has been done for hugh range DUI (0.17). Police were called to single vehicle accident, no injuries or damage to third party property. If I plead guilty in court I understand minimum periods apply for suspension and interlocks. So is there any reason to go to...
  2. ksivasub

    VIC Business is offering me a small amount first if I withdraw the complaints against them with government agencies . What does it mean?

    Hello everyone, A real estate business owes me a significant amount, $150k. Recently, their real estate agent approached me to withdraw my complaints filed against them with government bodies. In return, the real estate business proposes to pay me a smaller amount of $50k. Upon successful...
  3. I

    VIC Shoplifted Coles for first time

    Hi, Today I shoplifted a singular item from Coles around $8. I don't think anybody saw me, but I feel paranoid they'll see me later on the cameras/they'll post my photo from the cameras. Needless to say this is the first and last time I'll ever do this; I did not experience any rush and instead...
  4. R

    Is a contract/quote with a tradesperson applicable if the job was not possible in the first place?

    A plumber sends me a bill for $3000 for a few hours work. The quote for the whole job was $7000. I paid $700 deposit. My storm water drain, under a council lawn verge, between neighbour and my house, needed to be repaired. On starting work they discovered that just under the grass is a Telstra...
  5. G

    NSW Regarding latest stamp duty changes for first home buyers

    Hello, Seeking genuine information regarding stamp duty charges in NSW :- 1. Is it applicable to purchasing an old apartment / house / townhouse ? 2. What's the maximum cost of property till which stamp duty waiver is applicable ? Would appreciate earliest responses / experiences. Regards,
  6. Q

    First Home Owners Grant - NSW eligiblity if inherited property

    Hi All, just 2 quick questions! Am I eligible for First Home Owners Grant if already inherited portion of a property deed from parent? If inherited part of an existing property, does it affect my eligibility to apply for an owner occupier home loan for a new property? Thanks, Quickblue
  7. garbage

    VIC First time being at court, ever.

    Hi all. I hope I'm posting this in the right forum category. I have a cross interim intervention order against my ex. We are required to attend a mentions summon in early May. I've never had to go to court before. So I honestly have no idea what to expect or what will happen on the day. I guess...
  8. V

    NSW 6A Periods expressed in months

    6A Periods expressed in months For the purposes of this Act, a period expressed in months and dating from an event ends: (a) on the day, in the relevant subsequent month, which has the same number as the day of the event; or (b)...