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The Financial Ombudsman Service is an ombudsman in the United Kingdom. It was established in 2000, and given statutory powers in 2001 by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, to help settle disputes between consumers and UK-based businesses providing financial services, such as banks, building societies, insurance companies, investment firms, financial advisers and finance companies.

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    QLD Financial Ombudsman Service Determination - Should I Consent to Adjournment?

    A very long time going matter - over 4 years in dispute. The bank recently applied for summary judgement hearing for the balance payable after Financial Ombudsman Service determination. The bank lost Financial Ombudsman Service and I was awarded over $30k and compensation, however still an...
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    VIC Can I Sue Commonwealth Bank for Compensation?

    My case relates to the misleading and negligent advice provided by the Commonwealth bank in relation to a personal loan matter. This was soon followed by almost a year of negotiations between Commonwealth Bank and the financial ombudsman service. This resulted in: > A substantial, unmeasurable...
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    QLD Errors in Statement of Claim - What to Do?

    My question is fairly simple although the matter is long ongoing and complex. The Financial Ombudsman Service determination was in my favour, etc. The statement of claim that was filed originally had errors and was subsequently amended (bank's solicitor's errors, fairly significantly wrong)...
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    NSW Breach of Credit Card Contract by Woolworths?

    Hi, I am currently in dispute with Macquarie Bank (Woolworths credit card) as I believe that they are in breach of our contract. I have a credit card with them but they have done several things that made me complain: They withdrew $635.77 from a savings account without my knowledge a week...