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Excess-3, 3-excess or 10-excess-3 binary code (often abbreviated as XS-3, 3XS or X3), shifted binary or Stibitz code (after George Stibitz, who built a relay-based adding machine in 1937) is a self-complementary binary-coded decimal (BCD) code and numeral system. It is a biased representation. Excess-3 code was used on some older computers as well as in cash registers and hand-held portable electronic calculators of the 1970s, among other uses.

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  1. JCalchera

    NSW Break and enter and attempt to steal car - Can I claim refund of car insurance excess if individual at fault is convicted and how?

    Hi. Hoping to get some guidance and advice with the following situation. Our house got broken into. Wallet and car keys were stolen. Individuals attempted to steal one of our car parked in our driveway. Crashed the car while reversing into flowerbed. Individuals fled the scene following the...
  2. pino.defazio99

    VIC Employer Making Employee Pay Excess

    Hi All, I work at a mid-size IT company of about 200 employees. I've been given a company car as part & had 2 accidents in it, one a months or so ago & the other happened less than 24 hours ago. The company now suddenly wants $1,250 for each of these two incidents totaling $2,500. I was...