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    WA Backpacker with Drink Driving Offence - Can I Leave Australia?

    Hello, I am after some help for a current legal situation. I am a backpacker from Germany, currently on a bridging visa after not obtaining a second year visa for 11 months. I committed the offence of drink driving on 4th of May this year and failed to appear to in the magistrates court. I...
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    QLD Refusal of Breath Test - Reason of Substantial Character?

    I was recently parked outside of my house in my stationary vehicle having driven 5 minutes previously. Subsequently, 2 officers pulled up and requested a roadside breath test. I complied and blew approx .01 I was asked to accompany the officers for an evidentiary breath analysis and was taken...
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    NSW Application for US Non-Immigrant Visa - Disclose Drink Driving Offence?

    I have started the application process for an L1 Non-Immigrant visa for the USA, and I have answered 'No' to the question of ever being arrested / convicted. I was just wondering if I have to disclose a drink driving offence that occurred over 10 years ago (13 years to be exact) in a different...
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    WA Will Drink Driving Charge Appear on Federal Police Clearance?

    Hello! Just wondering...I had a WA police clearance in 2012 which did not list my drink driving charge (which occurred in 2011). It came up as clear! I am now applying for a federal clearance - will it show? And why wouldn't it have shown on my state clearance? Thanks
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    VIC Unfair Treatment by Dodgy Company - What to Do Under Employment Law?

    Hello Everyone, My partner began work for a trucking company in August 2015 and, after 3 weeks of working there, they offered him full-time employment. As per his employment contract, he is not a probationary period either. For the past couple of months, he has noticed that his wages were a...
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    QLD Second Drink Driving Offence and DUI - Will I Go to Jail?

    What would my likely penalty be? I have now been charged with a second drink driving offence - both low range. But I also have one DUI charge. My traffic history is moderate and all within the last 5 years. I'm in QLD. Will I go to jail?
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    VIC Drink Driving - Will It Affect Permanent Residency Application?

    My brother was caught in drink driving. He was having a BAC more than the prescribed limit, even after the 3 hours breath test. As a result, my brother went to court and was given a fine of 500$ by the magistrate and drivers licence suspension of 6 months. My questions are, 1. is drink driving...
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    Second Drink Driving Offence - Will I Go to Jail?

    Will I go to jail under Traffic Law for my second drink driving offence in 3 years?
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    SA First Drink Driving Offence - Get Drivers Licence Back Quicker?

    I have a offence on drink driving. As this is my first time of drinking alcohol in my life, which was offered at my mate's birthday and the first offence in my life, I haven't got any other penalty. My family is uneducated and sisters are small so I need to drop them to school and pick them up...
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    VIC How to Check If My Ex Has a Drivers Licence?

    My ex has lost her drivers licence for drink driving in Victoria on 3 occassions. How can I find out if her drivers licence has been reinstated or whether she should have an interlock in the car? She drives with our son in the car & I'm not sure where to turn. She still has a problem with...