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    VIC search warrants and rights

    hello, Looking for some help in understanding my rights when searched by police please. I believe that I was searched unlawfully and my property seized. There have been charges against me due to this search which I did not give permission for. at what stage of the court proceedings does this...
  2. D

    QLD Can I Take Evidence to DPP?

    If I can now prove that my ex wife has deliberately lied in her affidavit with the intention to cause further harm to myself. Under criminal law, do I have to wait to go back to court or can I take the evidence to the DPP for a criminal investigation?
  3. M

    VIC Will Getting Custody of Children Affect the Outcome of Criminal Investigation?

    Hi. In 2014, a female got raped by her now ex partner as a result a child did get conceived. Once the child was born in December 2014, Department of Human Services got involved immediately because they had concerns about the father and a criminal investigation had just begun into the r**e. At...
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    WA Publication of Witness Statement in a Criminal Investigation -Legal?

    Is a journalist allowed to publish details from a witness statement I provided in a criminal investigation, even though it was not used in court and I was not called to give evidence at trial?
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    VIC Criminal Investigation - Going through Victim's Laptop?

    Victim's laptop is needed by police for a criminal investigation to figure out if the accused has sent emails or not. What is the process to figure out where emails have came from? Will they go through everything on the computer as well?