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In production, research, retail, and accounting, a cost is the value of money that has been used up to produce something or deliver a service, and hence is not available for use anymore. In business, the cost may be one of acquisition, in which case the amount of money expended to acquire it is counted as cost. In this case, money is the input that is gone in order to acquire the thing. This acquisition cost may be the sum of the cost of production as incurred by the original producer, and further costs of transaction as incurred by the acquirer over and above the price paid to the producer. Usually, the price also includes a mark-up for profit over the cost of production.
More generalized in the field of economics, cost is a metric that is totaling up as a result of a process or as a differential for the result of a decision. Hence cost is the metric used in the standard modeling paradigm applied to economic processes.
Costs (pl.) are often further described based on their timing or their applicability.

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  1. P

    NSW Court costs and AVOs

    A friend has been slapped with an AVO by the police unfairly. He wants to oppose the AVO in court. There’s good evidence to support him. If he hires a barrister and wins, can he apply to the court for the costs of his legal representation to be paid for by the police/state? If so, what’s the...
  2. J

    NSW Solicitors and Costs

    Paid solicitor to amend claim by certain court ordered date as agreed Solicitor failed to provide amendments by that date. Relationship broke down because he failed to perform duties as agreed. I then filed claim a week late. Voided by court registry as out of time. Directions in coming week...
  3. J

    NSW What happens if the defendant gets security of costs and the plaintiff cannot afford to pay, resulting in dismissal?

    What happens if the defendant gets 'security of costs' and the plaintiff cannot afford to pay, resulting in dismissal of proceedings? Will the defendant get a costs order or will there be no order as to costs?
  4. H

    VIC What Capital expenditure costs are deemed to reduce your capital gains tax?

    Is a monetary settlement sum when paying a third party to agree to remove a caveat deemed capital expenditure is defending or preserving your capital gains tax asset?
  5. B

    Costs of a Case Guardian

    My ex's family has had a case guardian appointed on my ex and a lawyer appointed to represent the case guardian, this lawyer is stating that I will need to pay all of their costs. Her family have a lot of money. Is this true, because I can't even afford a lawyer for myself, am self represented.
  6. J

    QLD Cost of signing over house

    My defacto and father of our 2 young children has a DVO against him. He can not stay with us. I want him to sign the house over to me. What are my right's and cost involved. We have a joint mortage and both work.
  7. D

    NSW Probate costs

    How much does probate cost. Does regulation schedule of cost 2015 include professionalnal fees and administration fees. Can a section break up probate into 3 stages and charge for each stage. Are fees regulated. Estate is approx. $970K. 1st Executor has passed away with 2 of the 3 children...
  8. sonofeevil

    NSW Binding Financial Agreement Costs

    Hey guys, My ex and I have had a binding financial agreement written up and I'm really struggling to find a solicitor to give me the requisite legal advice to sign it. I'm getting costs from $2500-$4000 for a document that's already written which just seems exorbitant, I'm hoping someone could...
  9. V

    NSW How to dispute legal costs in excess of $116,635?

    The Office of the Legal Services Commissioner states they can handle fee disputes between lawyers and client up to a total of $116,635. The legal costs I wish to dispute are more than double this limit. Which body do I approach to dispute legal costs of such a magnitude?
  10. Dpj

    VIC Investment property holding costs

    Background) I want to keep an investment property as one day i want to live there. My ex wants to sell. The property was neutrally geared lets say ($4k monthly P&I repayments of which ~$2k was interest). Then corona hit and rent return dropped 40%. In May, settlement proceeds from the sale of...