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The Victoria State Government is the executive administrative authority of the Australian state of Victoria.
As a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, the State Government was first formed in 1851 when Victoria first gained the right to responsible government. Since the federation of Australia in 1901, Victoria has been a state, to which the Constitution of Australia regulates its relationship with the Australian Government. Under the Constitution, all states ceded legislative and judicial supremacy to the federal government but retain powers in matters not in conflict with federal law.The Victoria State Government enforces acts of Parliament passed by the Parliament of Victoria through government departments, statutory authorities, and other public agencies. The Government is formally presided over by the Governor of Victoria, who exercises their executive authority granted by the Constitution of Victoria through the Executive Council, a body consisting of senior cabinet ministers. In reality, both the governor and the Executive Council are largely ceremonial, with the premier and ministers having most authority over policy, appointments, and other executive orders made by the Governor-in-Council.The current head of government is Premier Daniel Andrews of the Labor Party, and the current head of state is Governor Linda Dessau.

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  1. Team X

    VIC Traffic Infringement Notice Withdrawn and then Reissued?

    I recently received an infringement notice for travelling 56kph in a 40 kph zone. I wrote to Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV) and asked for the infringement to either be replaced with an official warning or to withdraw the notice. My request was based on the following: *An irregularity with...
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    SA Speeding Fines In Victoria - No Sign That There was a Camera?

    I drove from Adelaide to Melbourne a couple of months ago.....something I've done countless times. A few weeks later, I got a ticket saying I had been doing an (alleged) 106 in a 100 zone somewhere between Dimboola and Horsham. Unlike South Australia, there was no sign to advise of a nearby...