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    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Can Dental Practice Change Charges?

    Hi, Two weeks ago, I took my daughter for a Bupa Dental for dental check up. After paying for her checkup, the dentist suggested that she needs braces. So the receptionist took my Bupa Health insurance card, swiped it and checked to confirm there is no out of pocket for the Xrays and analysis...
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    Dispute Private Hospital Medical Surgery Debts

    I refer to some payment related complications/disagreements I have had regarding gap payments to a surgical team who I would never have hired had I known they would charge me approximately $6000 in 'gap fees'. In the beginning of March 2014 I was placed under emergency care at Gosford Public...
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    TAS Bupa and Misleading Private Health Fund?

    My aunt purchased private health cover for her husband to cover the cost of knee replacement surgery x2. After several meetings, phone calls, email between my aunt and bupa they settled on a plan that they were assured would cover all the specific needs they had outlined. The surgeon was seen...