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    NSW Sticky situation without HBCF insurance

    Please assume I am just an average joe who knows nothing about repairs and renovations who was not planning on doing any of the below and never has done any previously. Some few years back my apartment was damaged extensively as a result of Strata repairing a common building problem. Being...
  2. G

    WA Builder's Error - Required to Pay Expenses?

    Variations are being required to our building plans as a result of our builder's mistake. The builder is asking me to pay for the expenses arising from these required variations. Am I obliged to pay under contract law?
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    House Warranty - Start Date?

    What legal sector does home builders warranty issues come under? I have question regarding when it comences. Does it start from handover date from the builder or does it start from the occupational certificate date?
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    Builders Warranty Victoria - Structural Problems?

    My husband and I built our home in Victoria in 1999 and received a 25year structural warranty (builders warranty). We have had a couple of issues for which the builders sent a maintenance person out to repair. We now have another problem, which we have been advised by a professional tradesman...