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    WA Contesting Family Violence Restraining Order - Help?

    HI all, I need some help. I am in South Australia and started proceedings to get access/custody of my children in the Federal Circuit Court last month. My wife has left the state and taken our children with her. She has cited Domestic Violence but there has been none. There are no...
  2. O

    NSW Printing Phone Text Messages as Evidence?

    I've read a reply in one of the post's here - I forget which one, where someone wrote to print any relevant message(s) as evidence, because a magistrate/judge is not going to sit there and scroll through someone's phone....makes sense to me. I've got an Android phone that by default, doesn't...
  3. J

    NSW Illegal to Sell Android Boxes to Stream Online?

    Hey guys, Just wondering, is it illegal under criminal law to sell android boxes that let you steam movies from online? Not download. Cheers
  4. A

    VIC Am I Interpreting Australian Law on Voice Recording Correctly?

    I want to record my phone calls using a mobile app on my phone. My phone is a normal, commercially-available smartphone which has not been "jailbroken", "rooted", or otherwise tampered with to bypass any of the normal security functions. The application is a regular Android app. I have found...
  5. T

    QLD Custody of Children - Refusing Ex Access to Children - Thoughts?

    Hello. I'm wanting some experiences as well as personal opinions on someone who doesn't know me or my ex and can tell me if you think what I'm doing is wrong. I know it's probably a typical story. My husband and I separated 9 months ago. He was cheating on me whilst I was pregnant and while we...