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Would? is a song by Alice in Chains, written by guitarist and vocalist Jerry Cantrell as a tribute to his friend Andrew Wood, lead vocalist of Mother Love Bone, who died in 1990. Cantrell sings the verses of the song, while Layne Staley sings the chorus.
The song first appeared on the soundtrack to the 1992 film Singles—where the members of Alice in Chains make a cameo appearance—and later appeared on the band's second studio album Dirt, also released in 1992. "Would?" was released as a single and peaked at No. 31 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 1992, at No. 19 in 1996, and in 2019 the song peaked at No. 15 on the Hot Rock Songs chart after it was featured in the trailer for the season 2 of the Netflix show The Punisher. The song was included on the compilation albums Nothing Safe: Best of the Box (1999), Music Bank (1999), Greatest Hits (2001), and The Essential Alice in Chains (2006). An acoustic version performed on Alice in Chains' MTV Unplugged in 1996 was released in a live album and DVD. In 2009, "Would?" was named the 88th Best Hard Rock Song of All Time by VH1.

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    I wonder if anybody has knowledge as to what sort of information a court would look at from a beneficiary to defend against a contest. The person who is contesting has done "some research" and has second hand information that alleges our circumstances are the same and thereby assumes the court...
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    QLD What would you do? Protection Order? Harassment? Defamation? Anything?

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    NSW Who is at fault?

    My situation: I am going straight on an intersection with traffic lights. Another car turns right in front of me and I crash them. Our traffic lights turn to yellow and red at the same time. I am sure that I crossed the line on yellow light but now I am worried that because I was breaking my...
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    NSW Who is at fault?

    Sorry, wrote it on the wrong forum. Delete the thread.
  5. E

    QLD Would driving someone's car regularly be evidence of a relationship

    Hi guys, My ex cheated on me and left me for a guy who was being accused of molesting his own daughter, he has been subsequently convicted and sentenced to 6 years jail with possibility of parole in three, my ex has been causing me issues with a dvo and a breach which I am about to fight. Anyway...
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    WA School Fees and Co-Parenting Time

    Hi All, just trying to get some advice going through early stages of separation and tried to get everything agreed between us. We are as amicable as you can be but the manipulation which I didn't see when married has now started to come into play! I have sought initial legal advice but that was...
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    NSW Parole board

    If someone is in custody on breech of ico. An fronting the parole board to have then reinstated would it be beneficial to apply for an appeal of severity before seeing the parole board?
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    Someone owes me more than 10k and this person vanished for more than 3 years and recently emerged. I happened to acquire this person's current mobile number but without last 3 digits. I was planning to send out text messages from 001 - 999 asking for the payback. This message would be...
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    What happens if you are no longer eligible for the visa after appealing its descision in FCCA?

    Hi There, I applied for protection visa (Class XA Sub class 866) which was rejected, its decision was appealed with review Tribunal who also rejected the case. I believed the tribunals decision inherited jurisdictional error therefore I appealed this decision in FCCA. After the appeal I had to...