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  1. A

    VIC Loss of Future Earnings - 40% decrease criteria satisfied

    Any answers & thoughts would be appreciated... Scenario: 1. Injury caused a permanent decrease in potential earning capacity greater than 40% 2. 98C IB claim lodged 3. IB Assessment determines 30% permanent impairment Agent fails to issue Notice of Impairment. Time allowed has expired. Claim...
  2. M

    VIC Is this a Workplace Bullying Case?

    Hello Forum Readers, Would like some help on this matter that I am facing. Sorry for the enormous length as I have tried to be as impartial as possible. Would this be a case of workplace bullying or something else? I am remotely managed by a manager in Qld (as per formal org-chart) and...
  3. Lornaii

    VIC Contractor Mine Death in 1989 - WorkSafe Claim?

    Widow settled out of court back in 1989/1990 and under duress, accepted an out of court settlement offer for her husband's (a mine contractor) death, and is only now realising two things: 1. She believes secrets were kept from her about HOW AND WHY her husband died 2. She believes she was...
  4. B

    TAS Fraud by Return to Work Employee

    This matter is situated in Tasmania. There is an injured worker who has both a physical injury and a subsequent stress and anxiety injury as a result of bullying and bastardisation in the workplace concurrent with the physical injury. Referring to Worksafe Tas literature (...
  5. N

    Asbestos Exposure - Dodgy Builder to Blame?

    Hi, I work for an interior company doing plastering etc, and get sent by my boss to different job/construction sites for different tenants or builders around the city. One particular job last week, myself and a workmate were sent to an old renovation job to put up some studs over an old wall and...