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    WA Sibling Helped Parents Make a Will - Is This Legal?

    Hi, Recently, one of my siblings helped my parents make a will with an online will kit. The sibling made herself the main beneficiary of the will along with making herself trustee with the discretion to distribute funds as she sees fit. At the same time, she had my parents sign a power of...
  2. E

    TAS DIY Doing My Will with a Will Kit

    Hello, I live in Tasmania and I am about to fill in my diy form to write my will with a 4-in-1 will kit 2 questions arise: 1: I have been separated for the last 10 years but never officially divorced. My last husband was not the father of my children. With or without a will, would he still be...
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    NSW Not the Most Recent Will - Can it be Contested?

    I am named as executor of a will in relative's will along with her son. The son has presented a will to a solicitor. I helped his mother draw up the will using a Will Kit. The distribution of estate was 2 thirds to son and 1 third to daughter. Later she changed the will to Half / Half. We did...
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    VIC Brother Passed Away with No Will

    My Brother recently passed away with no will in Victoria where he also resides. We have confirmed that both my Parents are next of kin. Issue #1 - Went to see probate solicitors on 02/09. My brother's personal details were provided by myself thinking that they would require them in order to...
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    Grandmother's Will - Lawyer or Will Kit?

    My 92 year old grandmother recently went to her lawyer to update her will. She said she wanted everything divided five-ways between her grandchildren and is upset now because she feels her lawyer "bullied" her into dividing everything two-ways between her children instead. She now wants to make...