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that this article is corporate finance focused: for the valuation of derivatives and interest rate / fixed income instruments see Mathematical finance; for a discussion of the theory see Asset pricing.In finance, valuation is the process of determining the present value (PV) of an asset. Valuations can be done on assets (for example, investments in marketable securities such as stocks, options, business enterprises, or intangible assets such as patents and trademarks) or on liabilities (e.g., bonds issued by a company). Valuations are needed for many reasons such as investment analysis, capital budgeting, merger and acquisition transactions, financial reporting, taxable events to determine the proper tax liability.

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  1. B

    QLD Single Expert witness property valuation

    Hello , My ex has asked for property and equipment valuation by a court appointed single expert witness . I have some questions _ How much different will the single witness expert value be from actual bank values ? I am unable to find the criteria they value the house on. My thought is if...
  2. HazelSmith

    Fraud in accounts for business valuation

    My Questions are about business valuation and veracity of records. the party filed annual tax returns reports for four years (produced by his accountant) to the court and submitted to the forensic accountant for business valuation. however, the annual reports contain the difference figures from...
  3. B

    NSW Property valuation costs

    X partner has refused to accept 2 appraisels from real estate agents Now going down the path of a valuation Cost of $1000.00 Who is required to pauto as he has demanded the valuation Regards Basil
  4. B

    NSW Property valuation

    My x partner has refused to accept a appraisel of the property by real estate agents.. now demands a valuation Who is required to pay as he has refused the appraisels from 2 real estate agents Regards Warren
  5. W

    QLD property settlement - property valuation and asset pool

    Hello Dear forum members I have a question which I disagreed with my lawyer, I will really appreciate some feedback from our forum members. Here is a short background. 6 years of marriage, two young children, 50/50 care. Before I met him, I purchased a property (oversea) for my mom to live...
  6. M

    ACT Property Valuation requested months after agreed value on Financial Disclosure Balance Sheet

    My previous partner has requested an independent valuation of my home (that she resided in and contributed costs towards via shared financial accounts) for the purpose of financial settlement. However, my concern is this request came approx six months after separation and after she and I had...
  7. S

    NSW Valuation of property

    What type of property valuation is recognised by the courts. Are ones from Real Estate Agents acceptable - Do Real Estate Agents do Estate valuations? if they do are they recognised by the courts? or do you need to go through a Company that specialises in this area? Secondly, the deceased passed...