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Unequal treaty is the name given by the Chinese to a series of treaties signed with Western powers, Russian Empire and Empire of Japan during the 19th and early 20th centuries by Qing dynasty China after military attacks or military threats by foreign powers.
Starting with the rise of Chinese nationalism and anti-imperialism in the 1920s, the Kuomintang and Communist Party used these concepts to characterize the Chinese experience in losses of sovereignty between roughly 1840 to 1950. The term "unequal treaty" became associated with the concept of China's "century of humiliation", especially the concessions to foreign powers and loss of tariff autonomy through the treaty ports.

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  1. Patrick Damon

    NSW TIC unequal shares

    My partner purchased what was to be our "forever home"about 18 months ago and installed me as 50/50 owner on the title,under the tennants in common provision. Sadly her feelings have changed and she wants to sell and move on without me. My question is how much am I entitled to upon sale of the...
  2. H

    QLD Equal share of estate

    There is myself and one other sibling.Our one living parent has recently died.The will has not yet been read. Are we each entitled to half of the estate. In the case of it being left unequally in favor of my sibling, am I able to challenge this as I am expecting this to happen.