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Trustee (or the holding of a trusteeship) is a legal term which, in its broadest sense, is a synonym for anyone in a position of trust and so can refer to any person who holds property, authority, or a position of trust or responsibility to transfer the title of ownership to the person named as the new owner, in a trust instrument, called a beneficiary. A trustee can also refer to a person who is allowed to do certain tasks but not able to gain income, although that is untrue. Although in the strictest sense of the term a trustee is the holder of property on behalf of a beneficiary, the more expansive sense encompasses persons who serve, for example, on the board of trustees of an institution that operates for a charity, for the benefit of the general public, or a person in the local government.
A trust can be set up either to benefit particular persons, or for any charitable purposes (but not generally for non-charitable purposes): typical examples are a will trust for the testator's children and family, a pension trust (to confer benefits on employees and their families) and a charitable trust. In all cases, the trustee may be a person or company, whether or not they are a prospective beneficiary, although a property held in Trust as an asset by a trustee is always for a beneficiary.

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  1. T.M.Milo

    WA Cancellation of Public Trustee

    If I’m a beneficiary in a public Trustee arrangement that I dispute and want to opt out of. How can I organise to cancel it.
  2. C

    VIC Superannuation - Help with Legal Definition of “Lost Member”?

    Hi, I recently discovered an old superannuation account that was started in 2003. No contributions were ever made, apart from the initial rollover amount. All money has been eaten up over the years by insurance premiums and fees. I believe the trustee should have reported my account to the...
  3. K

    Corporate Trustees and Trust Deeds

    I am looking to establish a corporate trustee trust structure ( Corporate trustee -> Trust -> Holding Co -> Operating co) for a startup, where the corporate trustee holds 100% of the shares in the holding company on trust for the beneficiaries. My confusion has come around how to make the shares...
  4. Nicholas N Chin

    WA Questions on an Easement Dispute - Help?

    I have questions about an Easement Dispute which I brought before SAT, DC, SCWA, COA and finally the HCA. The issue is: There is no exclusivity principle as decided by the judges because the lawyer preparing the conveyance should have documented it in the title deeds or by a separate covenant...
  5. S

    TAS Change Trustee on Testamentary Trust

    My eldest sister passed away and stated in her will: “I appoint J be my executor and trustee. lf J is unwilling or unable to act as my executor and trustee I appoint S as my executor and trustee” J agreed to be executor and trustee. J finalised the will and created 2 testamentary trusts for...
  6. T

    NSW Non payment to Beneficiary by Trustee of Probated Will

    The Trustees/Executors of my Mothers deceased 2 nd husband have refused to pay for her accommodation (a Nursing Home Bond Interest) and the proceeds of an Insurance policy against the directions of the Will. They claim this is because they need to site each Quarter, my Mother's personal...
  7. Ian Curtis

    NSW Does Financial Abuse Get Factored into Execution of Will?

    If my sibling sabotaged our inheritance, does that get taken into account when executing a will, which was made to be 50% each? I say "sabotaged" because the sibling is complicit with the public trustee's financial abuse. The background... Government Trustee took over financial management for...
  8. A

    WA Discretionary trust - trustee dies

    What happens where the trustee dies and the trust document is missing? There is a reasonable amount of funds in the trust bank account and I was a beneficiary of the trust. The trust account does not appear to be listed at probate as I have been told it does not form part of the estate. The...
  9. G

    VIC Will Trustee and Executor

    Hello, I am the trustee and executor of my recently departed father. We have a small property (Demountable Home in a Home Park) to dispose of. I have an estate bank account for the will purpose. Upon sale (In the state of Victoria under $107,000.00 - no probate required) does the proceeds...
  10. G

    WA Corporate Trustee Shareholder Power?

    My father recently passed away and had a fairly well setup SMSF / Trust / Trustee structure established and also had a new partner in a de facto relationship that's 9 years old. No conversations regarding his Will were ever had. Basically, the will is what it is, but I’m a bit lost as to the...