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A subcontractor is an individual or in many cases a business that signs a contract to perform part or all of the obligations of another's contract.
A subcontractor is a person who is hired by a general contractor (or prime contractor, or main contractor) to perform a specific task as part of the overall project and is normally paid for services provided to the project by the originating general contractor. While the most common concept of a subcontractor is in building works and civil engineering, the range of opportunities for subcontractor is much wider and it is possible that the greatest number now operate in the information technology and information sectors of business.
The incentive to hire subcontractors is either to reduce costs or to mitigate project risks. In this way, the general contractor receives the same or better service than the general contractor could have provided by itself, at lower overall risk. Many subcontractors do work for the same companies rather than different ones. This allows subcontractors to further specialize their skills.

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    NSW Independent Contractors

    Hi there, I understand that as a contractor/subcontractor have the right to use their own equipment and supplies to complete the job, but is the hiring company able to supply and sell their own product to the contractor to use? For example If we were a tinting company, are we able to sell the...
  2. V

    VIC Is the principal contractor responsible for subcontractor's work

    Hello, I have recently bought a land directly from the estate developer in an upcoming estate with lot of construction work happening around and people dump their rubbish at other's vacant land. The estate developer cleaned the land of all rubbish before the handover and I got temp fence...
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    VIC Employer is not paying two weeks wages.

    Hi, I was driving a courier delivery Ute on ABN for a subcontractor company. I have resigened 1 month back with 2 weeks notice. The company has not paid my 2 weeks salary although they have received the final paymant from the contract company. What are my legal rights in this senario. Thanks