stormwater drainage

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    NSW Property Law - Putting Easement for Stormwater Drainage Across Neighbour's Land?

    I have a DA in for a granny flat and it has been queried because of stormwater drainage problems. In short I am at the top of the block, my neighbour is lower than me and is a waterfront. The council has asked that a stormwater plan be submitted and that an easement be built for stormwater down...
  2. J

    NSW Can a Form 11r be Used to Request an Easement?

    Hi, we are in NSW. Our property's stormwater drainage pipe runs through our rear neighbour's property. We only discovered the pipe when we started renovations in January this year; we believed previously that all water was going down the sewer. We don't know how old the pipe is except to say...
  3. R

    NSW Buildings Impeding Access to Repair Pipes in Stormwater Drainage Easement

    Four properties have their stormwater pipes passing through 1 property as a stormwater drainage easement in the Sutherland Shire Council area. This pipe has become blocked and requires repair or replacement. However, the owners of the property have large amounts of concrete pathways, retaining...