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    NSW Can I Sue Husband for Giving Me STD?

    My husband and I have been married for 7 years and he has been cheating on and off the whole time, with me catching him propositioning girls online, researching brothels, etc. In April 2013, he gave me an STD. I had symptoms and went to the doctor to find out I have gonorrhea. He denied the...
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    WA Can I Sue Ex for Personal Injury?

    I am newly separated. I learned that my husband of 23 years has had affairs and this year, I have had two outbreaks of genital herpes. I am 48 years old. My self esteem has been shattered & I'm afraid to have a future relationship as I do not want to pass on this STD. I am so hurt as I...
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    NSW Personal Injury - Can I Sue Ex for Giving Me STD?

    2014 December, I had an outbreak of genital herpes. I was 19 and was a virgin until I was dating this individual who was 24 years old. He had previously told me he had only slept with one person who was a virgin before me and gave me the feeling of safety. I was in an outbreak for many weeks...
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    NSW Ex Not Disclosing STD - Legal Recourse Under Australian Law?

    My friend contracted an incurable but non-life threatening STD from her then-partner. He knew he had it but didn't disclose it. What's more he accused her of giving it to him. It's made her depressed and very angry to say the least. Has he broken any Australian law? Does she have any legal recourse?