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  1. Hayden Wilson

    QLD Loan from Westpac or St George Bank without Guarantor?

    Hey there! I am currently working part time and studying full time at university as well as re-opening my already successful home business. I am looking at obtaining a legal document to say that I have the capacity to sign for finance. This is to avoid having mum as my guarantor as she will...
  2. D

    VIC Funds Gone Missing from St George Bank - Fraud?

    I have 2 accounts with St George Bank in Melbourne in 2005. Currently, it shows 70-80% of funds are missing in both accounts. Could St George Bank kindly investigate it and I am in a difficult position as I have no legitimate paper trail? I have spoken to the customer service who has lodged a...
  3. P

    QLD Ex-wife Accessed Car Loan Account - St George Bank Privacy Breach?

    St George Bank Car loan department, couldn't protect my privacy. Last 2009 I bought a car under St. George finance. My ex wife managed to accessed my car loan pay out figure. We're still together when I bought the car but not anymore.