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ACube Systems Srl is a company that started in January 2007 from the synergy of the Italian companies Alternative Holding Group Srl, Soft3 and Virtual Works.
The three companies have been engaged in the areas of sale, distribution and engineering of hardware and software for mainstream systems and alternative platforms for years. They have joined their efforts in the realization of the Sam440ep platform. Then ongoing dispute over ownership of AmigaOS cast doubts about actual release of AmigaOS 4 for this new hardware, support for Sam440ep was later introduced in AmigaOS 4.1. Since November 2007 Acube Systems distributed AmigaOS 4 for Amiga computers with PowerPC CPU cards on behalf of Hyperion Entertainment. They also built the very first Amiga redesign in hardware: the Minimig. In September 2011, Acube Systems introduced AmigaOne 500 based on Sam460ex mainboard.

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    QLD SRL Speak in third person?

    Hey everyone. Just preparing myself for future hearings etc. As a SRL will I be referring to myself as "The applicant" or "The Father" when talking to the registrar/judge. Or is speaking in first person is acceptable? Example. Your Honour I am seeking orders for the child to live with the...