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Nutana Suburban Development Area (SDA) is an area in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). It is a part of the east side community of Saskatoon, and should not be confused with Nutana, one of the neighbourhoods within the Core Neighbourhoods SDA. It lies (generally) north of the outskirts of the City and the Rural Municipality of Corman Park No. 344, west of Lakewood SDA, south of the Core Neighbourhoods SDA SDA and University Heights SDA, and east of the South Saskatchewan River and Confederation SDA.

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    Neighbour's CCTV covering our living area and backyard

    Hi Our backyard neighbours have setup a CCTV camera that covers not only their backyard but covers full of our living area and kitchen apart from our backyard. When I talk to him first he said he will do the reposition but I dont see any genuine attempt from him, each time I ask for an update he...