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U.S. Route 79 (US 79) is a United States highway in the Southern United States. The route is officially considered and labeled as a north-south highway, but it is actually more of a diagonal northeast-southwest highway. The highway's northern/eastern terminus is in Russellville, Kentucky, at an intersection with U.S. Highway 68 and KY 80. Its southern/western terminus is in Round Rock, Texas, at an intersection with Interstate 35, ten miles (16 km) north of Austin. US 79, US 68, and Interstate 24/US 62 are the primary east–west access points for the Land Between the Lakes recreation area straddling the Kentucky/Tennessee border.

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    VIC Stamp duty adjustment for future home?

    Husband keeps the family home, wife moves out. She's currently renting but plan to buy a home within 1 year. In a s79 property division, will the court do an adjustment in wife's favour for the stamp duty on her future home purchase? If it does, how does the court work out the amount?