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Remuneration is the pay or other financial compensation provided in exchange for an employee's services performed (not to be confused with giving (away), or donating, or the act of providing to). A number of complementary benefits in addition to pay are increasingly popular remuneration mechanisms. Remuneration is one component of reward management. In the UK it can also refer to the automatic division of profits attributable to members in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

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  1. W

    VIC Employer Demanding Immediate Commitment Post-interview - File Complaint Under Employment Law?

    Hi all, Putting this question here as I've not been able to find any solid answers elsewhere. Is there any legally-defined minimum time that employers need to give after an interview has been conducted with an applicant before rejecting the application? To put this in context, my brother...
  2. T

    NSW Can Employee Make a Claim Under Independent Contractors Act 2006?

    Only a party to the contract can apply to make a claim under the Independent Contractors Act 2006. Is an employee of an independent contractor considered a party to a contract with the principal? If the answer is no and a claim relates to "remuneration at a rate that is, or is likely to be...
  3. E

    Homework Question - How to Determine Employee's Remuneration?

    What process would you undertake to determine an employee's remuneration? Look at the Federal system? State system? I don't understand what is the process. Could anyone explain?
  4. Nagoh

    NSW Employment Contract - Bonus Entitlement Without Performance Criteria?

    Hello, I have recently resigned from my position after13 months of employment and believe I should be entitled to a bonus paid out, as stipulated in my employment contract. The company is positioning that the bonus component is only payable at their discretion, yet there is nothing in the...
  5. C

    VIC Questions Regarding Wages under Employment Law

    Q) What does it mean under Employment Law if the employer chooses to make the employee's employment subject to loaded rates, incentives, bonuses, performance payments or other payments, these entitlements will be paid to the employee in addition to the employees remuneration? Q) Also, what does...
  6. L

    NSW Exploitation of Employers through Internship?

    I'm running a blog based on internships and wanted to get some legal opinions on a story which was shared with me by a reader of the blog. Thank you in advance for your help! This week we were contacted by D who wanted to share his experience while interning with an engineering company. D...
  7. D

    QLD Ex-Band Member Locked Us Out of Website - Domain Names Dispute?

    Hi everyone. I have a pretty simple question I think. Here's the brief back story first. I'm a member of a band that has recently seen one of our members leave. When we formed some years ago, he was the one tasked with setting up our web site. Now that he's quit, he has decided to not...
  8. AlexAlex

    NSW Internal Promotion - Employer Hasn't Upheld Offer

    Hi, I was offered an internal "promotion" role just prior to the start of 2014/15 financial year with a large Australian Company. The role was offered to me at the same remuneration via email but noting 1. I'd be entitled to discretionary bonus 2. I'd be entitled to CPI increase 3. The role was...
  9. A

    QLD Offered New Contract - Am I Entitled to Redundancy?

    A friend's employer is in the process of drafting new contracts with different terms and conditions. Apparently there are more specific performance criteria and less generous redundancy terms. This is in response to overall poor performance across the company wherein the current contracts have...
  10. D

    NSW Bonus Eligibility Under Employment Contract if I Resign?

    Hi Forum! I have a query regarding the following statement in my employment contract. I have resigned and will leave the company mid Jan 2015, I asked if i would be intitled to a bonus as per the below in my contract and have been told "No as the company only pays if you are employed at time of...