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John Nicolas Rea, 3rd Baron Rea, commonly known as Nicolas Rea (born 6 June 1928), a British peer, doctor and politician.

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  1. D

    VIC Vendor Won't Sign Contract - Help?

    The vendor agreed verbally to 21 days to deposit the amount, clauses prior to signing the contract. The buyer has signed contract but the vendor hasn't. The vendor is dragging their heels now and wants to shorten the timeframe or increase the deposit amount. The vendor has now said they won't...
  2. JasF

    NSW Recourse for Identity Theft?

    I had a call from the police this week regarding fraud that has been committed in my name. My identity has been stolen and used to obtain a credit card with a $30k limit. Police are investigating, and I think it may be my real estate agent. I recently moved so had to provide this new real...
  3. A

    QLD Must actus reus be fully proved before mens rea established ?

    My question relates to a couple of different (but related) situations, with the attending actus reus "physical or external elements" and mens rea "fault elements or mental elements". Must a Court prove the existence of an actus reus (or Criminal Act) first? What if the actus reus is not placed...