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The Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) project is an initiative being developed by US National Institute of Mental Health. In contrast to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders maintained by the American Psychiatric Association, RDoC aims to be a biologically-valid framework for understanding mental disorders: "RDoC is an attempt to create a new kind of taxonomy for mental disorders by bringing the power of modern research approaches in genetics, neuroscience, and behavioral science to the problem of mental illness."

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    Job Keeper - being forced to take annual leave and RDO

    Hello, My work has stood me down (along with 300 others) and have successfully applied for the Job Keeper allowance and I also qualify. They are forcing everybody with annual leave and RDO hours greater than 76 to use them regardless if they want too. The original theory was we would collect...
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    QLD Questionable RDO use

    Are employers allowed to use your RDO’s whenever they want? EG quiet in yard sent home 2 hours early would pay rdo hours for that, working a normal shift Monday but a shift at night (not normal hours) tues, wed, thurs and then would pay rdo for Friday even though need 10 hour break and would be...
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    VIC Requesting Flexible Work Arrangement Under Employment Law?

    Due to anxiety & stress issues, I have requested for a Flexible Work Arrangement that would see me continue as a Full-Time worker but work extra hours each day that would then reduce my working days from 5 to 4 per week. Currently, I work extra hours to enable an RDO every fortnight, so instead...
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    VIC Sick Leave and Medical Certificate - What to Do?

    We have an employee who requested 1-day sick leave after having a mole removed from their face. We are a building company and did not have any work that week so we requested that the employee take the rest of the week off from accumulated RDO's after the sick day (3 x RDO's). The following...
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    Employment Contract - 38 Hours/Week - Made to Work 40

    I worked on a client site where the expected week was 40 hours, 8 hours per week. The client paid my company every week for 40 hours of my work. But the company paid me for 38 hours, no overtime or RDO. Is this legal under employment law?