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Powercor Australia is an Australian electricity distribution company that operates throughout western Victoria, and the western suburbs of Melbourne.
The company owns and maintains power lines, substations and street lights and also manages the largest electricity distribution network in Victoria.
Powercor is 51% owned by the Cheung Kong group and 49% by Spark Infrastructure which also own Citipower, which maintain the city of Melbourne's CBD network, and SA Power Networks, which maintains the South Australian network.

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    VIC Neighbour Wants to Fence Off Easment - Help?

    Hi, we live on a 5 acre block which has an easement that runs along a back fence (we are burdened land). On our plan it says: Easement Ref: E1 Purpose: Power Supply Land Benefited/in Favour of - Powercor Our neighbour (the benefited lot) says they own the easement and wants to put up a fence...